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 I feel a great sense of urgency in conveying my thoughts, feelings and gratitude to many thoughtful individuals who personally and with great care, contributed to the transportation (a 1,882 mile journey) and delivery of some very extraordinary and special gifts, that I received on the eve of my 54th birthday. These precious and priceless gifts will now allow me to delve into the field of Astrophotography. It is an unimaginable dream come true.

 Originating from John Fitzpatrick and transferred to Marie and Lynn O'Brien, to Bobbie and Jon Potaki, to Shelly and Mike Nepaul, to  Rich and Raeann Thorpe, for Richard Gary Callahan. See Map See: Scopes

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halebopp.jpg (22034 bytes)
HaleBopp Comet
Saturn_and_the_Moon.jpg (25895 bytes)
Moon & Saturn
half_moon.jpg (16875 bytes)
Half Moon

Moonlit Mountain
Franconia Notch

Cresent moon, Jupiter and Venus
at sunrise, UCONN
earthshine_venus_2.jpg (36866 bytes)
Earthshine and Venus

Harvest Moon at
 Mansfield Hollow

Moonlit Canon Mtn
 [Full Moon Calendar 2008]
aurora_near_glover_vt.jpg (33511 bytes)
Aurora in Vermont

aurora_near_glover_vt_2a.jpg (32735 bytes)
Aurora in Vermont

Aurora in Storrs, CT

Aurora at Mansfield Hollow
[Criteria for Auroras in New England]
Milky way in New Hampshire

Havasu River by Moonlight, AZ

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