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Sunset in Mansfield, CT

Canon D30, 28-105mm lens, set to ASA 200, 1/125 sec.
Taken 10 minutes after a passing thunderstorm

Arches National Park, UT

Canon T90, Kodachrome 200, 70-210mm, Bogen tripod

Sunset stroll in Cozumel Mexico

Canon T90, 35-105mm

Divi-Divi Tree Silhouette, Aruba

Canon T90, 28mm

Surf Fisherman at Sunrise, Pine Point Maine

Canon T90, 300mm, Fujichrome 100

Child in Surf at Sunset, Beaches Resort, Turks & Caicos

Canon D30, 17-35mm, ASA 100 Setting

Mansfield Sunset with Sun Spots

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