May 3, 2003

Farewell to the Old Man of the Mountain

I can't believe it. He's gone! My wife just informed me at 11:00 PM during a phone call from our home in Connecticut, that she saw on the Internet that the Old Man of the Mountain had fallen. I thought she was  kidding. When she assured me it really happened, I was stunned. She explained that she had read that they believed he had fallen overnight, but they did not know for sure as he had been shrouded by cloud cover just days before. Heavy rains and frost may have finally beaten down the old man. I briefly thought back to statements made on the news in the past year, about terrorists possibly striking against landmarks, Mt Rushmore in particular, and thought how awful it would be if they struck at the Old Man. Well apparently he succumbed to a more powerful force, old mother nature. What mother nature provides, she can and will eventually, take away. I can't say that I feel any sense of relief that it was not due to a malicious attack. It is in any event, a terrible loss. I have had some very memorable experiences since my wife and I purchased our vacation home here in New Hampshire 2 years ago. I saw and photographed my first Aurora (4/2002) just over the border in Vermont and experienced my first earthquake centered in New York the same day. I enjoyed the Leonid Meteor showers from my back deck in November 2001. I have photographed the White Mountains in a blaze of autumn colors. I am so relieved that I took the time to photograph the old man in the autumn of 2001. I hope I have done him justice.

Farewell Old Man.  

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Old Man of the Mountain